Strain Review: Runtz Button #3 by Eugreen Farms

Runtz Buttons #3 (Rainbow Chip x Runtz) by @eugreen_notill bred by @exoticgenetix_not_a_fake ✨

Lineage/Genetics: (Rainbow Chip x Runtz)

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Grower: Eugreen Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Runtz Buttons #3 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

runtz buttons #3 by eugreen farms strain review by pnw_chronic 2The Runtz Buttons has gorgeous bag appeal. The buds are a mixed menagerie of mint, lime, and emerald greens interrupted by some borderline black leafage and marigold pistils. The medium-sized nugs appear a bit fluffy, but they are actually quite solid and dense. The buds are covered in a snowfall of trichomes that collect in thick patches. The heads on the trichomes are large and shimmering, giving the cultivar a resplendent visual appearance 🤩

The nose on the Runtz Buttons is excellent. The aroma is a combination of sweet, sugary candy paired with deep, rich chocolate. The scent has a seasoned and savory layer of earthiness reinforcing the richness in the profile, along with some notes of herbal mint and dough. It’s a complex profile that kind of reminds me of a sweet peppermint mocha. Breaking open the buds releases a sugary sweet and chocolatey mint aroma 🍬

The taste on the Runtz Buttons is marvelous. It’s a warm, full-bodied chocolate flavor with a sweet candied tang. There are slight notes of earthiness and gassiness that become more noticeable as the joint burns down. It has an overall piquant, sweet, and stimulating quality that makes for a delectable smoke. The cultivar leaves an earthy, bitter coco after taste that stains the tongue 🍫

Runtz Buttons has a delightful high. I noticed an immediate headband and head heaviness after the very first hit off of a cone. Shortly after, I could feel a wave of relaxation wash through my neck and shoulders. I would classify this strain as slightly sedating, but mostly a middle-of-the-road, comfortable high. It burns perfectly, smoothly, and slowly all the way down. It produces a very mild amount of kief when broken up ☁️

All in all, Runtz Buttons is outstanding. The strain has remarkable bag appeal and high, but the way it smokes just stands out and made me crave more. The smell, flavor, and smoke quality all made for a deliciously exquisite experience overall. Exceptional work from @eugreen_notill 🔥

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