Strain Review: Asshole Chem

Asshole Chem – @jewswhoinfuse (assisted)

Nose: Earthy, musty, spicy, burnt rubber
Inhale: Spicy, musty, woody, diesel, piney
Exhale: Musty, earthy, diesel

Genetics 🧬: AJ’s Sour Diesel x 4DD

Bred by: People Under The Stairs Genetics (Chefro)

Cultivated by: Undisclosed

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Asshole Chem Strain Review

Hey what’s up everyone? It is the Friday before Christmas and I hope everyone isn’t fighting through too much traffic to make it to their destination for the holidays. The Asshole Chem that I will be going over today I believe will be a hit with a lot of seasoned smokers especially those who grew up smoking throughout the 90s and early 00s. Personally, this is one of the more bizarre strains (in a good way) that I’ve received in the past few years or so. The Asshole Chem I was gifted with was grown by a close friend of Jewswhosinfuse whom he chose not to disclose. Even though I was really hoping to showcase that grower in the headline I did not want to pass up on a review for this. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

When I was gifted the Asshole Chem it came in a regular sandwich bag so not much to discuss on the packaging. When I opened it up, I was greeted with a heavy smell of must and burnt rubber. True to its name, this was a rather unpleasant smell and reminded of a college dorm bathroom at 2am. I also caught a little bit of spice on the nose and some diesel notes to go along as well. The nugs were lanky, airy and fluffy in texture upon pulling them out of the bag. The buds were bright green in color and had a numerous amount of darker-haired pistils wrapped around a leafy body structure. Not to mention the trichrome coverage on this added to the aesthetics even more making it one of those old-school looking strains that caught the eye. Personally, this is what I would envision top shelf bud to have looked liked in the 90s to early 2000s about 5 or so years before I started smoking.

The effects that I felt from the Asshole Chem were definitely along the lines of those that come from a powerful Sativa smoke. I felt an increased heartbeat and a slight bit of paranoia after smoking this one.

I didn’t feeling like it was an overwhelming paranoia but, more or so, one of those highs that kept me on my toes. The strain effects from this one helped me throughout the day and gave me an increased work ethic. Additionally, the Asshole Chem aided me a lot with workouts and gave me that extra boost of energy needed at some points. Although these type of highs don’t always put me in a relaxing position, I did feel periodic sedative vibes from this strain. This was an overall potent high that lasted around an hour and half or so. As I mentioned I was really interested before-hand about how effects would feel from this offering. Although I wouldn’t say it was my favorite smoke ever, I thought this had very powerful uplifting effects that kept me motivated for the task at hand.

I think my recommendation on this is plain and simple. I think this offering will appeal to a lot of old school smokers as I had imagined. Additionally, connoisseurs such as myself who are looking for a nostalgic smoke will really find joy within this strain. As I referred to a couple times within the review I highly believe this is an offering that takes you in a time capsule 25 years back. Being that it was a relatively smooth and gassy smoke, I think that this would have the appeal to those classic Sour Diesel and OG smokers. With all the Z strains and new flavor profiles out nowadays I feel like offerings like this become more extinct as the years go on. This is a big reason why I really encourage smokers, at any level, to try something like this when available. I hope everyone out there has a wonderful Christmas Eve celebrating with their friends and families. Please stay safe and take precautions tonight before going out on the roads. I am working to get a review up for you tomorrow for Christmas! 💪🏻

Upon breaking down the Asshole Chem, that musty spice smell was exhibited even more leaving a foul stench in the air. As expected, the buds had a exceptionally decent yield upon break up and a considerable amount of kief were left around the edges of the broken down bud. This filled up the joint quite well and I was ready to find out about smoke.

When I sparked the Asshole Chem in an Organic RAW, I was met with the same burnt rubber taste that I had found within the nose. This was actually pretty smooth despite the sound. On the way out, I found that this exhibited more of an earthy diesel-like taste that added to the overall gassiness of this offering. About a fourth to half of the way in I experienced an increase on pulling in heavy diesel and pine terps. There was a little bit of cheese flavor in there as well which balanced the diesel but this was sneakily a heavy hitter. The pulls, for the most part, were smooth and gassy. I did experience a little bit of coughing but nothing overwhelming. The Asshole Chem resulted in a very consistent burn creating a fat white ash with an oozing res drip. The burn was also long-lasting and the flavor pulled damn near the whole way. I was a little skeptical on how potent the smoke would be on this one but overall I was pleased with it after trying.

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Check out more reviews by @toptierterpsma on Instagram! (

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