Strain Review: Runtz by The Lone Tree

Runtz – @thelonetree_

Nose: Candy, earthy, fruity, nutty
Inhale: Candy, piney, fruity, creamy, floral
Exhale: Candy, musty, floral, earthy

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Zkittlez x Gelato 33

Bred by: Waiting on Confirmation

Grower/Cultivated by: The Lone Tree

Terpene Profile: Unknown

The Lone Tree Runtz Review

Hey what’s up everyone? Merry Christmas to all of those celebrating today! I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying the holiday festivities. I know some of you out there are unwrapping some gifts this morning so I figured I’d share one that I brought for all of you. This present is guaranteed to be sweeter than Santa’s milk and cookies. For this one we will be going over the Runtz by The Lone Tree. Although I couldn’t find an abundance of info on Lone Tree, for those who don’t know they are a Maine cannabis brand. Upon my short Google research on them, I did find that they are offering some of their products within some Maine dispensaries including Sensimilia in Portland. Additionally, I noticed on their IG page that they’ve been crafting cannabis since 2003. I felt this had to be the most impressive fact they honed that I came across which gave me even more of the urge to try this out. I’ve ran into a lot of mixed emotions on this strain since starting the page. Personally, I love Runtz if it’s done right and I was more than excited to see what this had in store. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts.

When I was gifted the Runtz from a friend of mine, it came in a generic glass jar with standard twist off lid. When I removed the lid, there was an erruption of candy notes that immediately filled the air. The initial nose on this was more than impressive. Additional notes of fruit, earth, and nuttiness were also found upon poking my nose into the jar. Beautiful would be an understatement for the aesthetics on this cultivar. The trichrome coverage made the buds display almost a snow-white appearance.

In my opinion, this strain could (and probably already is) a fan favorite for most. From the aesthetics out of the jar to the effects I felt from the high, it was easy to tell this bud checks off just about every box there is. Any smoker or connoisseur who enjoy rich taste profiles will have to look not further than here. The flavor alone is enough to leave the average smoker out there more than satisfied. Smokers who enjoy a more indica-leaning high will fall in love with this. The calming effects from this strain will be a perfect pair for anyone looking to take the edge off after a long or unpleasant day. Additionally, I think this strain would also have a lot of benefits on the patient side as well. I wholeheartedly believe that those who suffer from depression, anger or any mood-related illnesses are sure to find self-comfort within this cultivar. Additionally, I feel like this could also be a good pairing with those with physical ailments as well. This was my first time trying any product from The Lone Tree and this certainly didn’t disappoint. I will be on the look out for more from them in the future and encourage anyone to try them out if available.

This led to some mild coughing but nothing too overwhelming. Personally, I felt myself scaling back during certain points in the sesh to admire how delectable of a smoke this truly was. Despite the common mix up of most Runtz offerings nowadays, there was no mistaking that this was the real deal. The consistency on the joint while smoking this was phenomenal and resulted in an enormous white ash. No surprise here given that the smoke felt clean from start to finish. This was supported by a heavy res ring which made the joint a little more oily than normal towards the end. All in all, the smokability on this was incredible and might be one of the best Runtz offerings I’ve ever had my hands on.

Upon smoking the Runtz, I was met with an above average dose of euphoria within my heart and chest area. This provided a jolt of energy that slowly worked its way from the upper body downwards. This energetic feel was more spiritual than anything and did not last long once the relaxing effects settled in. It wasn’t an overpowering couch-lock high, but I would advise staying in on this and chilling out to enjoy the full effects. Despite the heavy calm this high created, I felt completely coherent while under the influence. This created quite the appetite when smoking and I found myself, more often than not, with both hands in the snack jar. Personally, Lone Tree’s Runtz was a perfect after work blaze serving as a treat after some of those more dreary days. The high from this lasted right under an hour and half. All in all, I definitely felt like the smokability had a slight edge on the effects from the high on this particular offering. Nonetheless, I feel like the strain effects on this did more than the trick leading to a very enjoyable high.

Underneath that frosty coating, was a blend of blinding light green and darker purple hues. The buds had impressively big colas and were overall larger in size. I think I had 3 nugs in total make up the eighth so there were definitely some boulders in there. They were as fluffy as they were dense in texture which led to a superb yield upon breaking down in my grinder. The Z and candy notes were impressive and could be smelled throughout my entire apartment upon being broken down. Despite the fact of the exceptional yield, I still needed to pack a little more in the joint to fill up just right. My suggestion would be to keep some wet wipes near because you will need them to get that excess residue off your fingers. Tasting the dry pull on this one was sweet and powerful leaving me fascinated on how the cultivar would produce.

When I sparked the Runtz in an Organic RAW, the initial inhales were exactly what I was looking for. An overload of Z terps hit me and I knew from the start this was going to be one of the more flavorful smokes I’ve had in awhile. I also noticed more floral and earth notes than I typically have in the past when dabbling in different Runtz offerings. On the way out, I retained those candied and floral terps but experienced a little bit of mustiness on the back end. Two distinct terps that I personally thought dominated much of the sesh were bubblegum and pine. The mix of candy and fruit made the flavor on the joint long lasting down until the roach. For the most part, the pulls were extremely smooth and exhibited a moderate amount of gas

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Check out more reviews by @toptierterpsma on Instagram! (

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