Strain Review: OG-18 by Pintail Gardens

OG-18 (Tahoe Hydro OG x Cannalope Kush) by @pintail_gardens from

Lineage/Genetics: Tahoe Hydro OG x Cannalope Kush

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Pintail Gardens

Dispensary: Kind Meds

OG-18 Strain Review

This unique OG is a phenotype of the world famous OG Kush. This was recommended by my budtender so you know I was excited to get into this.

Ima be honest and say these buds definitely do not resemble classic OG. Very small and awkward sized nugs. Haven’t really had an OG that has long/taller nugs. Usually they’re tight/compact and dense but I guess it might just be the pheno🤷🏽‍♂️ Also the trichomes seem very different to me. The trikes on this bud appear to look like a candy coating as if you crushed up some old school rock candy and bathed these nugs in it. Giving off some alien space nug vibes👽 It did have some crunch to it but if you look closely you can see the trikes go full elastic. Proving it’s still packing that freshness💪🏽

The nose on this was very unique to me. First whiff after popping the top was a massive wave of gasy musk but with sour diesely undertones to back it up⛽️ However once broken up, that og gas overrides the sour. Its like OG met Sour D at a party and created this on accident😂🔥

The flavor is an earthy musk on the inhale and then a musky kush on the exhale. Your mouth just gets coated in that delicious kush flavor and it definitely sticks around which I am a huge fan of. And this shit packs a heftyy lunch punch so not for the faint of lung🥊

I don’t even know where to start with the effects..two words:HEAVILY MEDICATED. You feel this tsunami of a wave build up behind your head and once it peaks it obliterates your entire the best way possible. Head, eyes, body, everything at a 12/10 relaxation. My entire body along with my head was buzzing like when your foot falls asleep kind of feel🤣 Eyes so low you feel they’ll never come back up. Hands down one of the most hard hitting OGs i’ve smoked. This strain is EXACTLY what I look for in an OG and I will without a doubt be picking this up again..but a half zip of it🤣😤

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