Strain Review: Holy Grail Kush by DNA Genetics


Bred By @dna_genetics

Cultivated In Tenerife

Lineage/Genetics: OG#18 x Kosher Kush

Original Breeder: DNA Genetics

Dispensary: The Green House Tenerife

Holy Grail Kush Strain Review

Extremely dense buds that are laden throughout with trichomes and sticky resin. Showing lighter, minty green colours and bright orange pistils that stand out giving the buds a very elegant finish.

Typical Earthy and kushy smells explode out of the bag with some sharp hints of fresh pine and gassy undertones. What makes this strain stand out ahead of most of the other Kush strains on the island is the sheer gas its packs when the bud is ground up.

The weed burned really clean and smooth in the bong and the super gassy and earthy OG flavours hit my taste buds on the inhale then on the exhale the real gas terps comes to life putting me down into the chair instantly.

Whilst smoking a blunt of this satisfying strain the rich and luxurious terpene profile comes through on point and the ash burned a lovely pearl white! The joint remained lit from start to finish, with a nice resin ring to the bottom and wasn’t too harsh upon the throat with each drag!

This is up there with the likes of Triangle Kush and Grease Monkey and It is rare I will roll up a blunt for a review but the luxurious, OG gassy terps on this one made for an especially enjoyable smoking experience.

Massive thanks to the @thegreenhouse_tenerife for the fire once again. Shame went so fast.

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