Edible Review: Cocoa Chip Cookies by Bakester Momma

@bakestermomma Bakester Momma’s cocoa chip cookie edibles 🍪🍪🍪 Processor: Bakester Momma

Bakester Momma Cocoa Chip Cookies Review

. 12 cookies = 400-500 mg #totalthc . Around 30mg – 40mg #thc per cookie . 🍪Before you even open the bag you can smell the classic home baked cookie aroma of warm chocolate and vanilla . . 🍪🍪🍪I ate 3 1/2 cookies the day they arrived and I was feeling great . I ate all 3 in about 3 hours time. . ☺️I was high af feeling very euphoric and giggly , I had no stress while under the influence and was engaged in everything that I was encountering from YouTube to music , conversing or just sitting and relaxing . Everything was super engaging and entertaining . . 💯🤤It hits your body hard but is easy to manage. Youll feel relaxed as if you just had a nice long stretch,not like a bulldozer of sleep hit you. . 😪😴Speaking of sleep these cookies are great just before bed (originally I purchased to manage insomnia and my midnight snacking habit and they definitely did the job.) You’ll wake up still feeling a little heady but refreshed . . 🚨Careful When Dosing🚨 … No THC flavor in the cookies and that makes them very easy to keep eating. Do Not Do It they taste great but hit hard . . ⏳Between a 30 min to an hour to feel something and once the high starts, it gets better and stronger, you’ll have the best 3 or 4 hours of your qurantine . Subtle crash , still functional but relaxed . . The arrived quickly ,within 2 business days and were wrapped and sealed for freshness and protection so the cookies wouldn’t break. . . . #sjweedreview #sjweedreviews #edibles #homemadeedibles #bakestermomma #womenincannabis #blackincannabis #supportblackownedbusinesses #localsmallbusiness #localcannabis #cannabisreview #cannabiscommunity #bayareacannabiscommunity #blackcannabiscommunity #edibleadaykeepsthedocaway
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