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Strain Review: Gushers x Mai Tai by Monterey Kush Co.

Gushers ❎ Mai Tai 🍹🍬 Lineage/Genetics: Gushers x Mai Tai Original Breeder: Monterey Kush Co. Grower: Monterey Kush Co. Dispensary: Canna Culture

Gushers x Mai Tai Strain Review

. @veynat @cannaculturesanjose . 25.58% THC 28.92% Total Cannabinoids . 🍹Very unique and strong aroma that reminds me of a pack of fruit snacks. Deep fruity tones with a sweet spice and tropical herb mix. . 🍬Smooth creamy earthy flavor with strong tropical spice hints and faint touches of chocolate and a deep fruity essence. . 🔥Chunky and dense nugs with a unique blend of colors giving off a tropical vibe. The colors are a deep and lush green with forest hues. Purple/Indigo hues are sprinkled in developing at the tips of some leaves changing to a vivid violet as you break it down and nearly white when you get to the stem. The trichomes crystals are sugary white and sticky while the pistils are a fiery red orange. ( PS. There’s a piece of tobacco on the nug I dropped by accident) . 💯A very potent but mellow high, this strain is a really good mood enhancer and regulator , you’ll find yourself really engaged in whatever your doing, for me I was watching the Warriors lose to the Lakers smh😭, beside @kosmokez in a Lakers jersey rubbing it. I found myself in a euphoric bliss, ultimately losing track of time and eventually finding myself feeling good and relieved of all the minor aches and pains that were bothering me earlier in the day.
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