Strain Review: London Pound Cake (L.P.C.) by Elev8ted Grower

London Pound Cake 🇬🇧🍰 (L.P.C.)

Lineage/Genetics: Nepali OG x Sunset Sherbert

Original Breeder: Cookies Fam Genetics

Grower: Elev8ted Grower

L.P.C. Strain Review

🔥 Picked this up at the @shatter_city_sesh @elev8tedgrower is family owned business , @elev8tedgrower and his uncle cultivate and do all the work, can’t wait to try more. I recommend going to a sesh to network and meet new people as we get closer to the World opening up.
🇬🇧Sweet terpy aroma with hints of berry. Reminds me of opening up a fresh bag Apple Jacks.
🍰Very light but big soft kushy nugs. Not very dense but still holds a good structure, takes a little more weed to fill the blunt than I was hoping, great for glass and vapes.
💯A nice active high, you get a rush of energy go through your body pushing out any aches and pains, feeding into your creativity and ambition great for a pick me up through the day. A good any time smoke thanks to the consistent flavors and strong high

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