Strain Review: Chocolate Frosted Sherbert by Gadsden Gardens

Chocolate Frosted Sherbert

Lineage/Genetics: (Sunset Sherbert x Chocolate Frosting)

Grown by: Gadsden Gardens @gadsdengardens

Bred by: Honest Genetics @honest_genetics_seeds ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Chocolate Frosted Sherbert Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

chocolate frosted sherbert by gadsden gardens strain review by pnw_chronic 2Chocolate Frosted Sherbert has solid bag appeal. The small to medium sized buds are characterized by various shades of green coloration and profuse, sinuous patches of fiery orange pistils. It has minor pieces of dark green, almost purple, leafage across the outside surface of the nugs and a thin dusting of stocky trichomes that add a sparkle under light/flash 🤩

The nose on the CFS is extraordinary. One smell hits the user with a wave of sweet candied zest paired with a deep chocolate. The chocolate side of the profile is pungent, earthy, creamy, and slightly spiced, which manifests a highly complex and tantalizing smell when combined with the sweet fragrance from the sherb side. It makes me think of bitter cocoa and roasted coffee mixed together with a bucket of hot caramelized sugar poured over the top. Breaking open a nug releases sugary petrol gas smells and leaves a sharp, almost incensed scent on the fingers 🍬

The taste on the CFS translates flawlessly from the smell. The richness and complexity of the profile remains in tact, providing a delicious smoke. The candied, sugary part is slightly keener on the inhale, while the rich dark cocoa flavor seems to be a little stronger on exhale. Smoking the flower leaves a sweet and earthy aftertaste on the tongue with delicate hints of creamy chocolate that slowly fade 🍫

CFS hits like a ton of bricks in terms of effect. I felt instantaneous heaviness in my head and body after smoking a couple cones. Before I knew it, the couch-lock was tangible and I felt unbelievably relaxed. The strain is sticky when broken up and creates mild amounts of kief when ground up. It’s a slightly tart, but overall smooth, smoke 😶‍🌫️

All things considered, Chocolate Frosted Sherbert is an incredible flower. The bag appeal is mostly average compared to other strains on the top shelf, but everything else about the cultivar is unparalleled. The smell and taste are magnificent and the high hits like a meteor strike. I could smoke zip after zip of this flower and never get tired of it 🔥



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