Strain Review: Versace by Fresh Baked

OFFICIAL VERSACE REVIEW @fresh_baked__ @krd_inc

Lineage/Genetics: east coast sour diesel x sunset sherbert

Original Breeder/Grower: fresh baked

Versace Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

THC: 32.03% TOTAL: 38.74%
Harvest: 10/9/21 packaged: 10/21/21
( east coast sour diesel X sunset sorbet) > google says (sd X OG X gdp) but my inside source tells me it’s ECSD X SS

First impression- SO THEY GAVE ME A GIFT BOX WITH LIMITED EDITION JARS. I GOT JARS 02, 03, & 06! Also in the gift box was 2 long sleeve shirts, a limited Halloween one and a GMO cut, then 2 lanyards, 2 masks with all their strains. They told me they packed it themselves and you can really tell they put love into it. Idk forsure but a few clues are leading me to believe The limited edition jars may have also been packed by hand Honestly this blew me away. This flower locked me in as is but that blessing really is gonna have me promoting this brand for life!

WEIGHT CHECK- 10.9g supposed to be 10.5g 150/100 all were 3.6+

AROMA- very hard to describe. Almost a Versace fragrance mixed with a creamy corny veggie harvest/production smell with a sweet apple mixed creamy apple, maybe a sherbert mixed with cookie, slight rubber terps with a dank gas & sour notes. **94/100** (very complex!)

APPEAL -another cookie appearance, resembles many sherbert strains with darker running tones and purple and sandy/cookied colored trichrome coverage that has glistening perfection like it’s still on the plant.. great cure. 96/100

SMOKE & TASTE- that strange ‘Versace corn apple sherbert taste’, followed by sour notes and gas notes with a biscotti/cookie/cakey/coffee/nutty background 94/100

EFFECT (terps) & POTENCY (thc/canna)- very potent. Hits hard and fast. clean effects. Relaxed. Zoned, but still alert. 94/100

Puff or Pass: PUFF, they killed it. Getting this from them and then the cannabis being BOMB AF on top of that made my whole month! Thank you fresh baked! : @cannabiotix @cali_lotus @kushco3 @connected.california

Overall: 95/100
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fresh_baked__ @krd_inc @slavery_baker
THC: 33.46% TOTAL: 40.36%
Harvest: 2-1-22 packaged: 2/13/22

No weight checks on gifted jars but always over stuffed

Google says sd X OG X gdp but My review on @thehighestcritic website is now on the first page of google searches also correcting that error. I’m proud of that cuz last time I reviewed this only the wrong info was on google. (M&A also has the correct genetics on google now)

AROMA- 94.5/100
barley hops soy vegetable musky layer, creamy. Corny, but with pine, and a strange rotten but sweet apple sherbet. Somewhat herbal, lil floral. When you break it, the freezer burnt skunky ice cream ish diesel pungency leaks out, but with the pine, creamy musty apple sherbet & hops veggie musk also leaking out. Slight Cookie. Slight sour.

APPEAL -94/100
Amazing colas, exotic, tall thick colas, of stacking structure, little leafy, but mostly nugged up proper with a great finish to the grow. Perfectly dried, but moist and sticky also, frozen crisp finish that provides clean snaps that reveal perfect trichomes. Long, wavy, huge clear wet heads. Frosty snow covered leaves of mixed even greens and purps. Super Long orange wild pistils coat the also

SMOKE & TASTE- 88/100 93/100
Inner ash is white with grey. Outside ash is darker by the paper. Resinous.. clear resinous layer. With small terp ring that comes and goes. But clean pleasant smoke. Herbal gassy sour sherbet pine apple creamy musky funk.

EFFECT & POTENCY 93/100 95/100
Very strong relaxing body change, chest pressure, eyes low, headband, mentally baked, but some focus & lil uplifted. Lil Euphoric/ Lil tranquil; Hybrid vibes. few puffs to feel effects, couldn’t finish the cone, effects last 3 hours. Good meds!

Overall: 94/100
Amazing. Exotic colas, really killing the appeal, and aroma is something special & hard to pin down. Great Hybrid effects. Potent af. Huge thanks to fb for everything they do, and done for me.


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