Strain Review: Nuken by Cash Crop Ken

Nuken [Hybrid Indica]⁣

Lineage/Genetics: Kish x God Bud

Original Breeder: Cash Crop Ken

Nuken Strain Review

Strength – 2 / 3 ⁣⁣⁣⁣
Flavor – Sweet⁣
Density – Dense⁣
– Starts off with a noticeable increase in body sensation. Numbness behind the face. ⁣
– When performing physical exercise at the gym, I feel more in tune with my body. Able to detect the over/under compensation of muscles during exercise and can adjust accordingly. The goal is always to achieve balance ☯️⁣⁣
– Hyper focus is attained easily. Get a pen ready because you’ll be following a tunnel of deep thought and reflection. ⁣
– Begins with sativa onset and slowly induces hunger with sedative effects later on. ⁣
– Perfect for unwinding in the evening and preparing your mind and body for a deep restful slumber 😴⁣
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Nuken Strain Review Part 2

Nuken [Hybrid Indica] 🧃 ⁠
⬇️ Read On ⬇️⁠

Strength – 4/5 🗿🗿🗿🗿⁠
Aroma – Musk, Citrus, Pungent Gas 🦨 🍊 ⛽⁠
Taste – Spicy, Musk, Diesel 🍂 🦨 ⛽⁠
Density – Dense 🥦⁠
Smoke – Normal⁠
Oil Ring – Light Oil ♨️⁠
Cherry – Strong Uniform Cherry 🚬 🔥⁠

Euphoric and an energy vampire 🧛 ⚡, Nuken 💥 leaves your body in straight atrophy while you debate in your mind the best time to peel yourself off the couch 🛋️ – or in my case, the floor.⁠
Great for stretching 🧘, I was stranded on the floor and sucked into the far reaches of my psych wrangling as much willpower as I could to simply sit up and be productive 😯✍️. ⁠
Nuken burns smooth and produces a soft grey ash while in dube form. Initial onset of the buzz may invoke moderate anxiety in some. Though this passes within the first 30 minutes 👍.⁠
Intense numbness focusing around the nose bridge, area around the eyes, forehead, and temples 💆.⁠
Medium euphoria with trailing vision. Renders physical pain null to a certain degree. Very beneficial for light physical activity and most importantly – stretching ⛳ 🚶‍♀️ 🛹.⁠
Musical talents are positively augmented with an added dimension of sense and empathy 🎶. The ability to focus and enter flow state are both easy to attain and 2nd nature whist on Nuken 🌊 💥.⁠
Excuse me while I Juice🧃 another one and get back to my spot on the floor (its good for my back) 😁.⁠

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