Strain Review: God Bud by Quick Greens

The review is in!! (sorry I’m late)🙏🙏

Today’s Review 🌟 God Bud Indica 22%🌟

Lineage/Genetics: God x Hawaii x Purple Skunk

Original Breeder: Jordan of the Islands

Brand: Quick Greens

God Bud Strain Review

This beautiful flower, is a great flower to puff on a Sunday night, because it put me straight to heavan..

😀 I smoked iit on Sunday, so that was one of my many mircles, for that day.

😉😚 Its sweet lemon taste, was balanced nicely with a super dirty pungent taste.

The person I was sampling it with, cough a bit, as well as I. So it is a tad harsh if your a light toker…

This nug also had a nice indica effect, that helped to relax the body, and slow down your mind so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Which I did that night.

Thanks @qg_lifestyle for the sample😘😘

Hippie Rating 4/5

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