Concentrate Review: Rockstar Shatter by West Coast Express

#wakeandbake today, brought to you by: “Rockstar Shatter”

Made by: @westcoastexpresss

Provided by: @firstclassconcentratess

Lineage/Genetics: Harmony (Rockstar cut)

Original Breeder: Reeferman Seeds

Rockstar Shatter Review

Typically, indica is to be enjoyed at night

But I couldn’t wait that long. 😉😊 The has a sweeter flavor with a touch of citrus.

Once again, super smooth smoke (don’t burn the throat, or set off a coughing fit)

This has such a beautiful pale yellow colour, which always gets me excited!!

This is a super wicked body high!!

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Check out more reviews by @hippie_budz on Instagram! (

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