Strain Review: Peanut Butter Rockstar

Peanut Butter Rockstar [Indica] 🧃 ⁠

Lineage/Genetics: Peanut Butter Breath x Rockstar x Mendo Breath

Original Breeder: Unknown

Peanut Butter Rockstar Strain Review

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Strength – 4/5 🗿🗿🗿🗿⁠
Aroma – Cinnamon, Vanilla 🍂 🍦⁠
Taste – Herbal, Sweet, Tobacco 🌿 🍫 🍂⁠
Density – Dense 🥦⁠
Smoke – Silky Smooth 🤤⁠
Oil Ring – Noticeable Oil ♨️♨️⁠
Cherry – Strong Uniform Cherry 🚬 🔥⁠

Being ACTUALLY allergic to Peanut Butter (PB) irl 😒, you’re about to read someone try and describe the taste of PB – of whom has never EVEN tasted a spoonful of the stuff b4, & is experiencing it through the form of a Cannabis plant. (YAY🙆)⁠
Apart from how far off I’ll actually be, this Rockstar (PB Variant – Loki ref😉) emits a sweet smell of Cinnamon & Vanilla. I want to say Nutty as well, but that’s too cleesh 🙂.
These are the type of buds where an ¼ looks like an 1/8, and an 1/8 looks like a 20, so forth 😅. The buds are dense and compact. Moisture level superb with a stickiness level of: Wearing Gloves is recommended. How many times have you rubbed the eye afterwards and look like some-sort of severe Blepharitis victim – the answer to that is TOO MANY😑😑.⁠
Sparking it up, I taste a combo of Herbal bitter tea and Sweet Tobacco 🚬. The smoke seems to have a body on it’s own as it’s sexually creamy and thick 👯‍♀️. Impressive oil ring cresting at the ember. Ash that hangs long like a cigar, and not to mention the soft volcanic grey soot ash (could contend to be a record holder here on this page!!) 😮👀⁠
Rockstar is paradoxical in the sense that though it exudes characteristics of Indica – where the body is weighed, trailing vision, heavy euphoria; One common denominator I notice with all my prev exp, is the massive energy flow that floods your body with this buzz. That’s what PB Rockstars do… the show must continue ⁠🤘🏿👨🏿‍🎤👩🏽‍🎤🎸
Starting an online course this past few weeks. PB Rockstar gets me a good amount of buzz, while still being able to focus and hone in on the material at hand. The burnout is minimal without the heavy brain fog that follows some strains.⁠
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