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Strain Review: Pink Glow by JGrapes Farm

Pink Glow 🍍🌸Review Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: JGrapes Farms

Pink Glow Strain Review

. @jgrapesfarms7 @alien_organics96 . If you haven’t seen the advertisement on Instagram yet, Pink glow is a company that “grows” Pink Pineapples, an appropriate name for a strain with a profile like this. . 🍍Immediately a overpowering pineapple cotton candy aroma with lemonade hints fill your nose. As you adjust to the fruity candy notes youll notice undertones of lavendar and citrus with muted hints of pine. The sweet aroma fills the room and clings to your nose and fingers . . 🌸This is one of the better tasting flowers ive enjoyed, the flavor closely matches the aroma with pinapple cotton candy notes anf a floral lavender- esque essence alleviating some of the weight of the sweeter candy and fruit flavors. The flavors are consistent all the way through leaving an earthy pink lemonade after taste as you exhale. . 💯The nugs seem to have 2 different phenos. In some nugs you can see trichome coated, big, slightly denser dark violet with some forest green hints and amber orange pistils. While in another nug you can see brighter hues of lush green leaves with some seemingly lighter orange pistils (maybe due to contrast). . 🔥🔥The high was super satisfying. It’s fast acting and powerful, after the first puff you experience a mood enhancing head change. My mind got a nice energetic and euphioric boost that was great for socializing and just really engaging in life. The world seemed literally brighter as my perspective became optimistic yet grounded, I really felt like the universe was at my disposal and I was in control and had an intuitive understanding when thinking about how to complete my goals and start new ambitons. Your body gets a strong uplifting energetic buzz complementing your heady high. Youll feel relaxed but feel ready for any spontaneity, mentally or physically. There’s basically no crash but you can expect a nice appetite and stress and pain melting effects as you sit back and relax. Overall a damn near perfectly balanced high only very slightly leaning towards the sativa side.
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