Strain Review: Peanut Butter Truffle by JGrapes Farms

Peanut Butter Truffle🥜💩🍄

Lineage/Genetics: GG4Peanut Butter Breath?

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: JGrapes Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Peanut Butter Truffle Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

100% Live Organic Soil
Herbal subtle creamy peanut butter notes with a hint of vanilla and with a consistent light zing of pine (pinesol) fuel. The light pine notes seem to prime my nose 1st before I really got the peanut butter notes, my nose caught the more herbal notes in waves while the earthy light Peanut Butter was the more consistent base.
Medium/big colas with swampy dark colors. Dark velvety blackish purple bracts steal attention from the swampy olive and hunter greens. Streaky hints of violet and a brighter green are complimented by the long and bold dark amber(with a peanut butter tinge) pistils as you break down. The cake batter white trichomes have have a granular aesthetic in the light but a more niveous look with the bare eye. The texture as you break down is moist soft the flower keeps great structure and integrity so u don’t end up with a pile of dust. The flower stays full and “live” even when you break it down with a grinder you can see how the moisture keeps the material plump kind of like brown sugar.
Herbal kush taste with a peanut butter undertone and a fuel kick. The flavor is similar to the aroma both are very consistent, long lasting, present but not overbearing. The smoke is smooth, heavy and potent.
Starts off with a subtle body relaxing wave that quickly reached my mind. Another one that was hard to put down because in what seemed like hours, 2 blunts went by and another was on the way accompanied by great conversation and a competitive night with @Kosmokez on Sonic Racing. A great high to manage your mood and encourage sociability also helps with stress and managing minor aches and pains.



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