Strain Review: Gary Payton by The Gas Lady

Gary Payton ⛹️🏿‍♂️

Lineage/Genetics: The Y x Snowman

Original Breeder: Powerzzzup Genetics

Grower: The Gas Lady

Terpene Profile: Unknown

The Gas Lady Gary Payton Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

The Y ❎ Snoman
Originally created by @powerzzzuup @cookiesenterprises and @madcow.genetics , named after and for NBA Hall of Famer, The Glove, @gary.payton.20
Aroma 8/10
Herbal base with consistent lighter notes of vanilla ream and deep danky skunk. Hints of fuel kush pine on the backend. Strong aroma but loses its potency relatively fast compared to other flower from @thegaslady_
Appearance 9/10
Big dense kushy resinous nugs. Trichomes are eggshell white and caked on in a thick layer. When you break open a nug u can see how resinous the flower is as the trichomes dance with the light on the inner leaves . Your eyes are drawn to the dark velvety purple with a deep blackish and indigo tinge, complemented by refreshing earthy green hues that start dark with hunter and forest tone get a yellow tinge as you approach the stem. The Pistils are long in small clusters with a slightly toasted orange hue.
Flavor 8/10
Herbal with sweet hints of cream and pine with slight spicy backend smooth medium hits. Closely matches the aroma with a slight edge on the earthy tones.
Experience 8.5/10
Nice hybrid high. The first few hits are smooth but the potency really kicks in after that. I felt sharp pressure in the back of my head like negativity was being deleted. Soon after, my body started to experience intense relaxation that started in my core, i felt heavier and quickly became couchlocked. A stuck floaty feeling hit behind my eyes and took over my senses. Munchies hit pretty quick but was delayed by the stoned feeling. Great for night time use , managing fatigue and stress.
Overall id give this round an 8/10,the high was great and intense although i felt it plateaued early but that could be due to tolerance, the flavor and aroma also had a shorter fuse than id like.



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