Strain Review: Pink Certz by The Gas Lady

Pink Certz 🌸

Lineage/Genetics: The MentholPurple Gasoline

Original Breeder: Compound Genetics

Grower: The Gas Lady

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Pink Certz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

pink lemonade with an herbal base, theres a nice menthol fuel kick hiding behind some present but not over powering sharper minty pine notes
pink lemonade with spiced hints of pepper and cinnamon and a kushy herbal base.
its potent but not too heavy. brings a nice subtle energizing kick to the head great for a wake n bake.
🌸✨Dense colorful nugs with a vivid blend of deep eggplant and violet purple hues, in contrast with green hues of faded olive, pear and fern. The pistils are deep orange in dense small clusters with a medium length. Tricomes layered on thick giving a frosty snow like layer to the overall aesthetic
🌸✨i experienced a nice hybrid high. mentally my brain was running smoothly and calmly. i smoked this at the end of the day and instantly knew i needed to save some for the morning. My mind effortlessly fought off the stress built up throughout the day and put me in a positive and social and relaxing space. Felt like kicking back with something slight in my lemonade with my feet up relaxing on fresh spring morning.



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