Strain Review: Gushers by Big Smokey Farms

Gushers from @bigsmokeyfarmss @petrolexotics215

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato 41 x Motorbreath

Original Breeder: Big Smokey Farms

Big Smokey Farms Gushers Strain Review

As you can tell by now, I really like gushers. When I opened this bag a really even mixture of the 41 and motorbreath hit me.

It smells like a sweet/sour petroleum that has gusher juice infused into it (A good indicator you got some good gushers).

The taste was very 41 heavy which I loved, but definitely had good hints of MB. The buds were very nicely cured and trimmed, very easy and pleasant to roll.

This was some heavy gushers as I definitely found myself trying to lay down and relax. I was really excited on Bigsmokeyfarms along with the gold label bud, and look forward to trying more!

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