Strain Review: Holy Cow by Jelly Cannabis Co.

Holy Cow (Genetics Unknown) from @jellycannabiscocali @fritz_philly

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Jelly Cannabis Co.

Grower: F.R.I.T.Z.

Holy Cow Strain Review

holy cow by jelly cannabis co. strain review by bigwhiteash 2Being from wisconsin and seeing a cow on some zaza packaging really seals the deal for me. I opened up the bag and was immediately disgusted (in a very good way) at this fermented smelling rank gas! It truly smelled like a spoiled cream soda with such a pungent underlying musty funk. The taste was great as well, kind of reminding me of a sweet cream but with a funky twist to it.

The buds were clearly picture perfect as you can see, Jelly did not shortcut any of their trimming/cure or any other processing techniques. The effects on this were pretty heavy, but not debilitating, definitely an all day strain for the experienced smoker. To surmise, I can really honestly only say “Holy Cow!”

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