Strain Review: Sundae Driver by rachelx720

Sundae Driver – by @rachaelx720

Nose: Extremely sweet, fruity and slight hint of citrus found when broken up.
Inhale: Sweet fruity berries with a gassy punch.
Exhale: More bitter and gassy with notes of grapes and bananas.

Lineage/Genetics: (Grape PieFruity Pebbles OG)

Original Breeder: Cannarado Genetics

Grower: rachelx720

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Rachelx720 Sundae Driver Review

Happy Friday Everyone! We’ve made it to the end of the week and I have a homegrown special for you. Everyone is opinionated when it comes to their favorite type of weed and where it comes from. Personally, I like to try a little of everything but, from experience, I have found some of the biggest gems come from small batch growers. Today I have some Sundae Driver personally grown by a friend of a friend of my girlfriend if that makes sense.

When I was gifted this Sundae Driver I felt as if I was looking at a rainbow. The bud went from light green and orange to purple and almost a shade of bluish-indigo in there as well. For anyone who enjoys aesthetically pleasing weed this has to be close to the top of the food chain. The smell was so juicy and fruity that the look of it become second nature. Rachel took pride when she told me she grew this bud using no till organic soil. Additionally, the bud was hand trimmed (naturally) as opposed to machine trimmed as you don’t see on a lot of bud nowadays.

The buds, of course, had a thick, dense and fluffy texture which yielded to a phenomenal break up amount. Upon stuffing it in an organic raw I noticed how easy the bud was to roll given the fluffy yet sticky denseness in its form. When I lit up a red cherry circulated and I took lift off. A thick white ash formulated and the burn was extremely even and heavy.

This one was certainly a lung smacker as you could feel the FPOG upon the inhale and the stickiness of it upon the exhale leaving your lips smacking with an incredibly fruity taste. It certainly wasn’t a beginner’s type of smoke as I was coughing up a lung. Like one of my weed protege’s use to say, “you don’t get off until you cough.”

Overall Rating 9.1/10
Top Tier Approved! ✅

It didn’t take long for a full body high to take over. If anything, it was perfect because it was such an overpowering and smooth high. I felt my heart race a little, nothing overwhelming, but a euphoria which made me overcome with joy. I feel like this would be the perfect fit for someone who’s a little anxious such as myself. The high was strong and did last for a good hour or so and felt like dozing through parts of it.

Overall, a ridiculously good small batch and one of the better fruity batches I’ve had in recent memories. I personally prefer fruity and candy tasting strains and this did the trick alright. We will be in touch soon when the next batches are up and it was a pleasure meeting you 🤝.

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Check out more reviews by @toptierterpsma on Instagram! (

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