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Cultivar Review: Paradiso by Louis VuChron

Paradiso  [Tester] by @lvc.notaweedaccount.pdx bred by @solfiregardens2019 ✨ Lineage/Genetics: (Gelato 33 x Bahama Mama) Original Breeder: Solfire Gardens Grower: Louis VuChron Terpene Profile: Unknown

Paradiso Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

paradiso by louis vuchron strain review by pnw.chronic 2 Paradiso has stunning bag appeal. The buds are medium-to-large sized, rounded, and vaguely triangular in terms of shape. The primary coloration is vivid shade of forest green with some variegated violet leafage interspersed by tangled orange pistil fibers. A profuse dusting of trichomes overlays each bud, covering the outer surfaces in silver stalks and resin glands 😍 The nose on Paradiso is magnificent. The fragrance is cloyingly sweet, with a deep sugary quality – like actual candy. The expression is creamy and tangy, with an effervescent, spiced doughiness that can be felt in the nostrils on each whiff of the flower. Breaking buds open releases an explosion of tropical citrus fueled with burning caramelized sugar and petrol. The smell is like a vanilla waffle cone coated in orange zest, splashed with gasoline and lit on fire 🍦 The flavor the Paradiso is exquisite. Its mouthwateringly creamy and sugary with a confectionary, pastry-like inhale. A tactile citrus tang lightly teases the tongue on exhale, complemented by a hefty dose of spiced diesel. The orange rind flavoring grows more commanding as the flower burns, enveloping the palette in succulent, almost umami, citrus. The potency and zest of the flavor can be felt on the lips while smoking, leaving a delectable orange and spiced gas aftertaste 🍊 The Paradiso has a buzzy, euphoric high that feels both stimulating and satisfying. A moderate physiological weightiness settles in shortly after smoking, leaving the body feeling relaxed without incapacitation. Its a versatile smoke that can be used to great effect at any time of day. The flower burns slowly, smoothly, and evenly from the first to the last hit 😶‍🌫️ Altogether, I loved the Paradiso. It’s a dynamic cultivar that brings out some of the best features from both of its parents. The smell and flavor initially lean towards the Gelato side of the lineage, but as buds are broken up and burnt down, the Bahama Mama traits are integrated in, creating a distinct and tantalizing presentation. Phenomenal work from LVC 🔥 paradiso by louis vuchron strain review by pnw.chronic 3
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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