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Cultivar Review: Popscotti by Trichome Farms

Popscotti (Red Pop x Biscotti) by @trichomefarmspdx bred by @exoticgenetix_mike 🌱 Lineage/Genetics: Red Pop x Biscotti Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix Grower: Trichome Farms Terpene Profile: Unknown

Popscotti Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

popscotti by trichome farms strain review by pnw.chronic 2.jpg Popscotti has exceptional visual appeal. The flower is captivating – characterized by large, deceptively fluffy nugs that are noticeably dense to the touch. Each bud is a variegated mix of lime green with darkened purple leafage topped by an entangled webbing of orange pistil fibers. Colossal trichomes, with heads big enough to see with the naked eye, pepper the outside surfaces and give the flower an opulent, silvery aura ✨ The nose on Popscotti is luscious. It’s best described as blend of artificial strawberry and mixed berries floating in a pool of milky cream and cookie dough. The aromatic amalgamation gives the scent a strawberries-and-cream-like expression permeated by an effervescent herbal pungency. Breaking the flower down unleashes an intense, confectionary quality that evokes images of deep fried puff pasty and sweetened gasoline πŸ“ The Popscotti has superb flavor. The foremost expression is a delectable blend of strawberry and vanilla cake, all splashed with a hefty dose of sugar and cream. It has a subtle, floral tinge with a light bitterness on the back end that mirrors actual freshly cut strawberries. The sweetness of the cultivar heightens as the flower burns, becoming increasingly zesty with a palpable sugary sharpness. Overall, it’s reminiscent of strawberry shortcake and strawberry Ramune 🀀 The effect on the Popscotti is significant. It’s a relaxing, moderately sedating high that feels both cerebrally spacey and physiologically soothing. Each hit brings a wave of electric bliss that crashes over the consumer, slowly washing feelings of stress and tension away from the body. The flower evidences a flawless burn with satisfying, oxygen-smooth drawls all the way to the filter πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ All in all, Popscotti is an excellent cultivar. The visuals are incredible, the high is satisfyingly st0ny, and the overall smoke quality is stellar. Most remarkably, the expression is everything one could want from the lineage – succulent, syrupy strawberry paired with caramelized sugar and diesel-dunked dough. Outstanding work from Trichome Farms πŸ”₯ popscotti by trichome farms strain review by pnw.chronic
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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