Strain Review: Garlic Breath

✨Garlic Breath Strain Review ✨

garlic breath strain review by octpuffsI only bought a 1/8 of garlic breath because it was 220/oz with a little research I found the parents of this ✨Rare✨ hybrid indica dominate strain are Hogsbreath X ChemDog DBx2 strains. The reason I bought it is I wondered if it was going to be garlicy and to my surprise it was! The indica side of this strain is great too I felt relaxed at ease and let the stress of the day just go away and at 18% THC it hit with great powers. Garlic Breath helps cope with insomnia depression chronic stress & fatigue. Going live to smoke the last of it with whoever if you come in and I don’t see you I’m sorry.🤝 Remember to follow to see when I go live 🤝

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Check out more of my reviews @octpuffs on Instagram! (

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