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Strain Review: Garlic Runtz by Topins Collection

Garlic Runtz . Lineage/Genetics: (Garlic Breath x Runtz) Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Topins Terpene Profile: Unknown

Garlic Runtz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

garlic runtz by topins strain review by averagejoeweedreviewsnj . We have one of two offerings that sent over to try and I’m excited to start with this Runtz cut. The flower itself it was nice. I’m a fan of the bud structure and the size of the nugs. Bright greens were majority of the colors which was refreshing to see. Very vibrant . This is very garlic heavy. From the smell down to the taste it’s a punch jd the garlic breath. You get a nice bright almost cooling exhale which tames the potent garlic. Wish a little more runtz mixed with the garlic for an odd candy funk, but it’s still a tasty funky good time . This is heavy hitter for me. Almost right after finishing the smoke you’re hit in the face/head hard but this is mostly definitely a nighttime smoke. This is a stay where you need to be once you’re finished and i love that. Great all around smoke but the effects blow it away . Do all garlic strains hit this hard? If so i need some haha. This was great. Would get more of this without a doubt. Great smoke. Very garlic forward. . Instagram, i live in a state where cannabis is legal. Nothing is ever for sale. This is a review of my own personal possession for educational purposes garlic runtz by topins strain review by averagejoeweedreviewsnj 2.jpg #Njents #njtrees #newjerseytrees #weedreview #Strainreview #weedpics #weedfriendly #medicialmarijuana #WeedPhotography
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