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Dab Review: Breadstix Hash Rosin Batter by Community Oregon

Breadstix (Jiffycake x Garlic Breath) processed by @community.or grown by @remedy.river bred by @staefli_farms ✨ Lineage/Genetics: Jiffycake x Garlic Breath Original Breeder: Staefli Farms Grower: Remedy River Processor: Community Oregon Terpene Profile: Unknown

Breadstix Hash Rosin Batter Review

breadstix hash rosin batter by community oregon dab review by pnw.chronic Breadstix is a visually enticing, full spec hash rosin batter that exhibits optimal cold cure and maturation. The batter features an alabaster tone, a thoroughly saturated exterior, and a smooth, dough-like surface ingrained with crystalline micron heads. In terms of viscosity, the batter is wet and creamy, evidencing a pliable consistency with ideal adhesiveness 🍯 The nose on Breadstix is incredibly pungent. The fragrance has a raunchy garlic and onion forward accented by a breathy background of roasted peanuts, cured wood, and mocha-tinted musk. The smell introduces a sharpened, effervescent spice that can be felt all the way up the nasal passages, as well as a softer, savory element that stimulates the taste buds with carnivorous craving 🧄 The flavor on Breadstix is just as outstanding. Each dab brings magnitudes of garlic and onion matched by a gnarly halitosis breath background. It’s loud, filthy, and greasy, running the range of raunch to generate a full-on funky flavor fusion. While layers of skunk wood, sweet earth, and nuttiness are apparent in the expression, the overall flavor combination is evocative of freshly baked garlic bread with a savory, hashish-based butter spread 🤤 The Breadstix has a stupefying effect. The rosin immediately slaps the consumer with a disorienting cognitive high that compounds with increased consumption. It’s a powerful, sedating effect that has significant couch lock and nap potential in higher doses. The concentrate itself burns incredibly clean, leaving a minuscule amount of clear residue after vaporization. The hits are smooth and full bodied, evidencing a heavy vapor that can be felt in the chest for a short while after consumption 😶‍🌫️ All in all, I really enjoyed dabbing through the Breadstix. It easily checks the boxes for visuals, expression, and effect, presenting a GMO and Mendo dominant profile that tastes as much like food as it does like hash. Terrific work from Community 🔥 breadstix hash rosin batter by community oregon dab review by pnw.chronic 2
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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