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Dab Review: Funk Mountain Hash Rosin by Community Oregon

Funk Mountain (Trop Cookies x Papaya x Strawnana) by @community.or grown by @tuxedo_llama bred by @bloomseedco ✨ Lineage/Genetics: Tropicana Cookies x Papaya x Strawnana Original Breeder: Bloom Seed Co Grower: Tuxedo Llama Processor: Community Oregon Terpene Profile: Unknown

Funk Mountain Hash Rosin Review

funk mountain hash rosin batter by community oregon dab review by pnw.chronic 2 Funk Mountain is a visually striking full spectrum hash rosin. The cold cured batter features a golden blonde color tone with a saturated exterior that gleams under light. The surface of the concentrate is both smooth and granular, ingrained with crystalized cannabinoid structures the speckle the surface area. The batter has a pliable, minimally adhesive, viscosity that makes maneuvering material on and off of a tool a simple task 🍯 The nose on Funk Mountain is excellent. Cracking a jar unleashes a wave of deep, succulent citrus that swiftly washes over the senses. It’s a zesty, borderline herbaceous orange expression that’s akin to the rind off of a blood orange. Underlying notes of cream, strawberry, and guava compliment the citrus overtone beautifully, melding together into this lush, orange-dominant fruit punch fragrance thats more than ambrosial – it’s aromatically irresistible 🍊 The taste on Funk Mountain is just as phenomenal as the flavor. The expression features a vivacious citrus forward accented with a sumptuous undercurrent of guava, strawberry, and rosemary. The resulting fruit medley is so rich, sweet, and syrupy that it leaves the palette dripping with decadent flavor. The taste persists over the entire length of a dab, coating the tongue and lips in an opulent, orangey zest that’s reminiscent of Sunny D 🤤 In terms of effect, the Funk Mountain starts with a blissful, stimulating high that feels cerebrally exhilarating. Subtle physical symptoms manifest after consumption, easing tension in the shoulders and back and increasing heaviness in the body. When vaporized, the concentrate exhibits a clean burn with no cough or chest heaviness. It leaves a minuscule amount of pale gold residue behind that is effortlessly cleaned up 😶‍🌫️ All in all, Funk Mountain is a stellar cultivar and concentrate. It smashes the criteria for a high quality, full spec hash rosin while providing an expression that is both incredibly distinct and delicious. Outstanding work from Community 🔥 funk mountain hash rosin batter by community oregon dab review by pnw.chronic
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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