Cultivar Review: Papa Don by Louis VuChron

Papa Don (Papaya x Don Mega) by @lvc.notaweedaccount.pdx ✨

Lineage/Genetics: Papaya x Don Mega

Original Breeder: Solfire Gardens

Grower: Louis VuChron

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Papa Don Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

papa don by louis vuchron strain review by pnw.chronic 2

The Papa Don has exceptional bag appeal. The buds are small-to-medium sized, dense, and triangular, with an even mix of emerald and purple coloration. Singular, sinuous pistil hairs wriggle their way across each nug, providing a splash of ginger to the color palette. Fully matured trichomes with intact, golden-amber trichome heads and long spindly stalks encrust the surface, collecting in intertwined groups 🤩

The nose on Papa Don is exquisite. It’s best described as a raunchy musk with layers of effervescent spices, rich nuttiness, and a sweetened undercurrent of fermented fruit. Breaking the flower down by hand releases a skunky, burning rubber and petrol aroma, and grinding the flower further generates a tidal wave of succulent, sugary, papaya and mango juice. The flower imprints a tropical fruit smell on the fingers after handling. Overall the fragrance reminds me of rotting papaya in the best way 🥭

The flavor on Papa Don is incredible. Similar to the smell, the primary profile is this musky and effervescent spiced funk that floods the taste buds with decadent raunch. The exhale is remarkable for a fermented papaya fruit flavor that perfectly matches the gassiness from the rest of the profile. The flower leaves a scintillating garlicky zest on the tongue that’s palpable. The flavor just gets more raunchy as it burns down, but it leaves a surprisingly subtle sweet aftertaste 🧄

The effect on Papa Don takes hold immediately after smoking, imparting floaty head feels and a palliative wave of relief that races through the body. It’s a satisfying strain that’s effective while still being functional. The flower is sticky, stickier when breaking up, and produces a profuse amount of both small and large grained kief. The flower burns perfectly and smoothly all the way down 😶‍🌫️

All in all, the Papa Don is a phenomenal cultivar. It smashes the criterion across the board with ease. The bag appeal is fantastic, the high feels wonderful, and the profile thoroughly titillates the senses. Stellar work from LV 🔥

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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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