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Cultivar Review: Rainbow Snowman by Luvli

Rainbow Snowman (Rainbow Crushers x Snowman) by @luvlipdx Bred by @cannarado ✨ Lineage/Genetics: Rainbow Crushers x Snowman Original Breeder: Cannarado Genetics Grower: LUVLI Terpene Profile: Unknown

Rainbow Snowman Cannabis Cultivar (strain) Review

rainbow snowman by luvli strain review by pnw.chronic 2 Rainbow Snowman has stunning visual appeal. The colossal, spear-shaped buds consist of a thick layer of barbed foliage interspaced by fuzzy pistil fibers. The base coloration is a vivid, light green hue which blends beautifully with the overtones of dark green and black in the leafage. A copious amount of trichomes envelop each nug, overlapping with the lighter and darker shades underneath to generate a spectacular, polychromatic display 😍 The nose on Rainbow Snowman is outstanding. It has a muddled, sugar-forward fragrance with tart traces of lime and a subtle aura of skunkiness. Breaking the buds open realeases a sweet, confectionary zest, akin to raw sugar, complimented by this tangy, essential-oil-esque lemon cherry undercurrent. Notes of cream, cookie dough, and diesel gas show up in the background of the fragrance, while the overall expression vacillates between sugary sweetness and raunchy funk 🍬 The flavor on the Rainbow Snowman is excellent. It delicately teases the palette with a skunky, slightly earthy relish before introducing an avalanche of sweet cream and sugar that crashes over the senses. The duality in the profile remains tangible throughout consumption, exhibiting a skunk-and-diesel undercurrent contrasted by overtones of raw sugar, vanilla cream, and cookie dough. Delicate notes of cherry berry are also apparent within the flavor profile, generating a subtle, succulent contrast to the rest of the expression 🀀 Rainbow Snowman has a well-balanced, moderately powerful high thats both cognitively and physiological satisfying. Symptoms include a subtle, diffused pressure in the forehead, a mild numbing of muscles across the back and extremities, and an overall feeling of euphoria that washes through the body. The flower burns flawlessly to the filter, evidencing a smooth drawl and a consistent combustion πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ All in all, the Rainbow Snowman is a stellar cultivar. It easily checks the boxes for top-shelf flower, while providing an expression that is a unique and delightful combination of its genetics. As always, top-notch work across the board from Luvli πŸ”₯ rainbow snowman by luvli strain review by pnw.chronic
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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