Strain Review: Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato) by Dank Dabs

Runtz – @dankdabs1

Nose: Fruity, citrus, candy, gassy, earthy, light touch of spice.
Inhale: Citrus, earthy, floral, musty
Exhale: Sweet candy, citrus, earthy with a bit of tanginess.

Lineage/Genetics🧬: Zkittlez x Gelato

Bred by: Unknown

Grown by: Dank Dabs

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Runtz Strain Review

runtz by dank dabs strain review by toptierterpsma 2What’s up everyone? Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is enjoying the start to their week and getting stuff done as we inch closer and closer to Thanksgiving next week. I know I’ve been a little bit busier than normal so, to those who take the time to read these reviews, I appreciate your patience. Today I will be going over the Runtz I was blessed with from Dank Dabs. This definitely fell more on the Zkittles side than a lot of the recent Runtz offerings I’ve tried lately. However, that didn’t take away from the fact of how sweet of a treat this offering was from the Dank Garden. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts.

Similar to the Blue Sherbet, the Runtz also came in a glass jar with a traditional lid. The logo was simple and to the point and there wasn’t much difference on this packaging from the previous one. When I twisted off the lid, sweet aromas of citrus and candy filled the air. I received those distinct Runtz scents with a mix of candied citrus and a touch of spice. The texture of the nugs were a bit leafier than expected but fluffy and soft with a fair amount of density to them. The aesthetics definitely leaned towards its Zkittles parent as it had a bright green color with a blinding amount of crystals that coated over. This one was a beauty when posing for photos and under the microscope. The buds could easily be broken apart due to the fluffy nature which led to a fair yield. The bud did fill out the joint nicely in this case although a little extra was needed to fill out.

When I sparked the Runtz in an organic RAW, the initial flavor matched the nose pretty well. On the initial inhales, I received those distinct fruity terps you would common find in Gelato 33 with a mix of candided citrus and floral notes that followed. On the way out the fruity and candy notes persisted as the citrus notes became even tangier. The taste that lingered in my mouth from this Runtz could be felt long after the sesh was over. Towards the middle of the smoke, I felt those candied citrus notes turn from tangy to a little more diesel and heavy pulling. I event caught some z terps throughout the smoke which came to no surprise given the Zkittles traits already noted in the smoke. In general, the pulls were smooth and sweet but the pressure of the inhale did increase steadily the further along the joint burned. I felt a little bit of flavor loss towards the end but nothing too crazy. The overall burn and consistency was above par and this resulted in a milk-white ash. The res-ring that formed was righteous although I did feel like the ending was a little too much res build up for my taste. This was some proponent of the fluffy, sticky texture of the bud. Nonetheless, this still resulted in a clean smoke that was enjoyable to say the least.

The high fell more on the relaxing side but didn’t create the overwhelming, “glued to the couch” feeling that I tend to get from the majority Runtz strains. The one I had off this was more spiritual (no not exaggerating) and peaceful. I remember getting lost in thought when smoking this Runtz and almost found myself reminiscing about childhood memories as weird as that sounds. I also found myself talking very abstractly when describing certain things and my roommate even pointed this out to me. Additionally, this created a mild head high which was a little unusual compared to past experiences. This was complimented by a light feeling of “butterflies” in my chest and raciness within my heart. The high fit the bill and; there were highlights throughout the sesh that could be attributed to both the Zkittles and Gelato parents within the genetic make up.

I believe that this Runtz offering by the Dank Dav crews was an enjoyable smoke that could be favored by all various types of smokers. This would be a hit for those terp hunters who tend to favor more citrus and sweeter type taste profiles. I wholeheartedly feel that the smokability of this Runtz would be suitable from beginner to more experienced level smokers. However, I would recommend a lower dose of this if you are more towards the beginner side. For patients, I feel like this would work for a variety of things from appetite loss to anxiety. However, my personal take away was that this was a moderately strong daytime Runtz that provided that extra kick through the day when needed. I thought this was another impressive offering by the Dank family and it won’t be the last that is up here. We should have some more up from them very soon including some new offerings they are finishing up on at the moment.


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