Strain Review: Mafi #2 by WAKA

Mafi # 2

Lineage/Genetics: (Runtz x Gushy)

Bred by: Pheno Addicts @pheno_addicts

Grown by: WAKA @wakagrown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Mafi #2 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

After trying 5 different cuts grown by Waka, it’s fair to say this dude has big things in store for him. By trying his work it’s obvious he takes good pride in what he does, given the quality. To be honest the camera really doesn’t do this any justice. On the Nugs you get a beautiful light green with a nice mix of dark green hues and orange hairs. The crystals on these nugs are crazy, you’d really have to see it in person. Some sticky candy forreal. Upon first smelling the tree it gives me a smarties type nose. When broken down you get an amazing mix of fruit and what almost smells like a sweet/light fruit paint thinner type nose. Reminded me sort of the sweet type scent Montana paint had, iykyk. Smoking this was a real treat. A lot of stuff on the market has some sort of candy vibe, but this is some real smooth candy smoke.With the potency to match you really can’t go grown. A lot of this dude’s stuff packs a real punch. A few pulls in i was met with a nice care free cerebral buzz, also a nice body high. This stuff gets me lit up, definitely best serves for a day or night of straight relaxation. After smoking this all i wanted to do was kick back and enjoy myself. From the genetics to Waka’s growing technique, a great combination gives you some serious heat. Also by smoking this, and other indicators ,it’s fair to say this is some healthy smoke. I know for a fact it’s not grown in abundance, this dude’s work speaks for itself. Keep your eyes out for WakaGrown, I’m telling you.

Shout out @wakagrown & @2muchsmallbatch2.0 always 💯

*Personal/Medical Use Only
*Nothing For Sale



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