Strain Review: Trop and Cherries by The Real McCoy

Trop and Cherries

Lineage/Genetics: (Tropicana Cookies x Cherry Cookies)

Grown by: The Real McCoy @the_realmccoyfarms

Bred by: Relentless Genetics @relentless__genetics 🍃

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Trop and Cherries Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

The Trop and Cherries is characterized by small, colorful nugs with minor foliage. The vibrant, polychromatic nature of the purple hues alone is impressive, ranging from bright lilac to purple-black. Forest green leafage, ginger pistils, and a healthy dusting of lustrous trichomes just add to the striking appearance of the buds. Overall, Trop and Cherries has an enchanting and eye-catching visual appearance 🤩

Trop and Cherries has an exceptional aroma. The smell of the cultivar is a neat combination of tropicana citrus, cherry, berries, and a bevy of different spices and seasonings that come together to create a special fruity and spicy profile. Most strains with Tropicana Cookies are overtaken by orange terps, but the cross here utilizes the tangy, tartness of the Cherry Cookies to create a scent that is more spice forward with fragrant fruit punch terps supporting 🍊

The flavor on Trop and Cherries is just as striking as the smell, if not more so. It has a cinnamony, herbal, tangie taste on the inhale, with a more bitter berry exhale. It’s dripping satisfying fruity pebble and tropical fruit punch terps. The taste on the strain is prodigious and stains the tongue for an extended amount of time after smoking 😋

The high on Trop and Cherries hits swiftly and substantially with a powerful cerebral head effect. It’s a sharp high that made me feel euphoric and gave me the munchies. I felt like it faded rather quickly, however, after smoking. This strain burned evenly and was quite smooth on the inhale. It produced heavy amounts of kief when grinding like most Tropicana strains/crosses and left black residue on my fingers from handling the ground up product 👏

Basically, the Trop and Cherries is a fabulous strain. It’s a light, but highly enjoyable, smoke. It meets each criterion down the list and does so while providing a cross that is both familiar and distinct in presentation. I’ve had several strains from @the_realmccoyfarms and each one has been a treat. I’d definitely recommend checking out their flower if you get the chance🔥




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