Strain Review: Kush Mints by Trichome Farms

Kush Mints

Lineage/Genetics: (Animal Mints x Bubba Kush)

Grown by: Trichome Farms @trichome_farms

Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics @seedjunkycrew 🍃

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Trichome Farms Kush Mints Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Visually, Kush Mints is spectacular. Each dense little nug is utterly caked in a bulky frosting of sparking trichomes. Under the mountain of trichs, the buds are more black and purple than green, giving them an exceedingly exotic look. Tiny patches of amber pistils cling tightly to each nug adding to the brilliant visual. These photogenic little nugs are straight eye-candy 😍

The aroma of the Kush Mints is excellent. It is complex, rich, and zesty. It’s heavily kush forward with a sweet petrol scent and an earthy undertone. It has more nuanced notes of pine, citrus, and spiced chocolate adding to the depth of the presentation. In general, it’s an enigmatic, slightly muted, but still unmistakably enticing. Breaking open buds enhances the gassy and sweet sides of the profile and leaves a sweet citrus and kushy smell on the fingers ⛽️

The flavor on the Kush Mints is terrific. It’s kush forward like the nose, however, the earthiness is slightly stronger in the taste. It also adds notes of wood, spearmint, and sweet zest. The earthy and gassy qualities enhance and become more savory as the strain burns down, generating an increasingly funky profile. The taste is slightly muted, instead of loud and gassy, but it is an extremely delicious and intoxicating smoke 🤤

The high on the Kush Mints is monumental. It hits like a truck, leaving a super relaxing head high and moderate body heaviness. It is a bit of a couch-lock high. The strain is sticky and produces a moderate to heavy amount of kief when ground up. It burns perfectly all the way down. I found it to be smooth on my throat and lungs, making for a pleasant smoking experience 😶‍🌫️

Overall, Kush Mints is phenomenal. The bag appeal is insane, the nose and flavor are outright alluring, and the high hits like a truck full of mattresses. I smoked through my stash of this way quicker than intended because of how enjoyable of a smoke it was. This is my second strain from Trichome Farms and, I have to say, their line up is looking full of top shelf staple cultivars 🔥

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