Concentrate Review: Forbidden Pastry Live Hash Rosin by Grow Sciences

Forbidden Pasty LHR (Live Hash Rosin) Diamonds & Sauce (Forbidden Fruit x Hidden Pastry) from @growsciences

Normally I only review flower on my page but since I got my hands on some of this “magical” concentrate, I had to share my experience.

Lineage/Genetics: Forbidden Fruit x Hidden Pastry

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower/Processor: Grow Sciences

Forbidden Pastry Live Hash Rosin Review

Off the rip you see some gnarly looking diamonds. Reminds me exactly of the sour punch straw bites😂 The diamond on the bottom left especially looks like it with sugar dusted on top. Looked so tasty I had to hold myself back from eating one🤤

Now the aroma is where all my excitement slowly faded away…Since my jar had more diamonds than sauce there really weren’t any terps present whatsoever. I mean all I could smell was raw distillate.

The flavor was exactly how it smelled, nothing😂 I’m not hating but in my option I like my wax to atleast taste like sometime haha. I know if I had more sauce in the jar the flavor would have been completely different. But shit happens🤷🏽‍♂️

The high is very clean and clear headed. If you’ve dabbed quality wax you know what I mean by clean high. Clears my head and gives that nice uplifting euphoric feeling. Hits heavy behind the eyes but doesn’t do enough damage to knock you out one dab. Definitely does the job of putting you on chill mode.

In my opinion I still can’t wrap my head around people consistently paying $70+ a g for this. Yes it’s a clean high but still not many terps and the effects aren’t anything crazy special? I don’t get it. Again not hating just don’t understand how this stuff is like precious jewels to a lot of people😂 I do however want to try some fresh press ribbon and see if that changes my outlook on LHR. Until then ima stick to my dank OG’s that hit harder than a chancla thrown by a latina mother🥿👩🏾

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Check out more reviews by @slumpysmokes on Instagram! (

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