Strain Review: Green Plum by White Smoke

Green plum by white smoke I had absolutely no clue what to expect going in to this review. Never heard of the brand until their recent drops at backpackboyz and have never heard of the strain. But THATS WHAT THIS PAGE IS ALL ABOUT haha. Trying new stuff and letting other smokers know what it’s like before spending their hard earned money. One thing I do know tho is every brand backpack has had in their store has been great. Let’s see if white smoke lives up to that standard….

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: White Smoke

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Green Plum Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Smell: 9.5/10 dudeeeeee I was not expecting this! Obviously I figured it would smell like plums but this is amazing. Exactly like the name says this shit straight smells like super sweet plums. Almost had a little bit of a bubblegum smell to it too. It’s just crazy fruity sweet. Crazy loud too. Very very fresh smelling! Just overall a freaking pleasant smell. Shit could be scent for bath and body works haha.

Look: 8/10 beautiful soft medium sized nugs that have a pretty crazy structure and look to it. Very light buds that are cured in the drier side but are actually really really fresh and sticky. The buds are a very light green and are COVERED in keify tan trichomes. When u shined a light on it you can still see the diamonds dancing underneath all the keif. Break apart in a nice snap but we’re very sticky and just turned in to little balls when breaking it up. Really liked how different this strain looks from other bud. Really fun to take pictures of and play with.

Smoke: 9.25/10 wow the taste is incredible on this. Super fruity tongue splashing goodness! Very tropical tasting. From the top to the bottom as soon as the smoke would hit my mouth it would start watering and I’d have a mouthful of what tasted like some tropical splash plum bubble gum haha. Just an amazing experience. The ash was white white. This shit dripped resin way more then most shit I have. Perfect resin ring. When I was smoking a blunt my fingers were so sticky by the end of smoking it I could hold it with one finger tip. The high was very heavy on the body. Felt it creeping in to my eyes and there was no going back. I had a clear head tho and definitely felt an uplifting mood shift. Loved smoking this stuff!

Overall: 9/10 wow! Yo this is that shit… the 1 not the 2. It got a little lower score because it isn’t the prettiest but good god does this bitch smoke. I loved every second of smoking it and was completely blown away how I had never heard of this company before. As far as flavor there are not many other strains fucking with this one! I’m not talking about just something that smells good then tastes kinda like that. This tastes even better then it smells and you get a really full taste every rip. Idk how to explain it other then that but trust me on this if y’all want some real candy go pick this shit up! Shout out white smoke y’all got a fan in me now. Any time these guys around I’m definitely gonna try it out!



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