Strain Review: White Gushiez by Backpack Boyz

White gushiez by backpack boyz. (Pretty sure this the original gushers cut)

Lineage/Genetics: Gushers

Original Breeder: Backpack Boyz

Grower: Backpack Boyz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

White Gushiez Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

The past couple months I’ve gotten nothing but fire from backpack boyz. Whether it’s by one of the brands in their store or by them themselves, 🔥. The only strain I haven’t had the best of luck with is gushers. Now gushers from connected is one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked (I’m talking about the good batches of connected from they main store not all this bullshit that’s going through NY). But for some reason I haven’t really liked the gushers strains from backpack (big Al’s). From the name i expected some crazy fruity candy terps. The batches I had were more earthy and herbal. They always looked real good but didn’t have the taste and smell I’m looking for… I started hearing people talking about the white gushiez saying how fruity and strong it was. Got some really high review scores from people I really respect. Figured it would be worth the try. Let’s see if these gushers can live up to their name. *PSA* (most of the time if I’m going to do a review, I’ll smoke more then one bag from a batch just to see how consistent they are and everything. This particular batch differed from bag to bag so much it made it kind of hard to score. What I’m gonna do is score based on the best bag but still talk about all the other bags)

Look: 9.3/10 now this! This is what I expect gushers to look like. Medium sized super super dense nugs with perfect structure. The colors were insane… light green bud with much much darker green leaves sticking out. Beautiful vibrant orange hairs cover most of the bud. Patches of purple throughout also that are so dark they looked blue. The rest of the bud is just dripping in trichomes. Makes parts of it look completely white with a gray sheen. Such freaking beautiful nugs. Another one of those buds I just didn’t want to break up. Took about a million pictures haha ( okay so On the other hand, some of the other batches I got fairly small nugs with not very good structure. Really crazy shapes where u couldn’t even tell where the top and bottom of the nug was haha. Just looked like they took a giant bud and randomly snipped it in to a bunch of crazy shapes and sizes haha. Also lots of leaves were left hanging off the buds. Just feel like they could have done a much better trim. Will say the buds were still DRIPPING in trichs tho.

Smell: 8/10 I’m not quite sure why so many people raved about how sweet this was but I didn’t have the same experience. Definitely had a sweet smell to it but it was a very light sugary smell with strong earthy peppery floral scent to it. I usually don’t like that scent at all but this one was actually very enjoyable. On the break down is when I did smell a little more of that sweet side. These buds just scream dank when u break them apart. Overall not what I was expecting but was very surprised how much I liked it.

Smoke/breakdown: 9/10 now this is why I kept going back and buying more of this strain. The buds were perfectly cured with a nice crisp snap the buds broke in to little sticky balls. The sweetness definitely comes out a lot more on the taste. The floral peppery taste still definitely overpowers it but makes for a really nice mix. Very very clean white ash with lots of resin drip. That all sounds alright but the best part was when ur eyes start feeling super heavy half way through the blunt… by the end you can’t feel a thing and won’t be moving for a while (not that ud want to haha). Simply amazing body high that puts you in a foggy sedative high. This stuff will not just put u on ur ass, it’ll put u on ur ass and flip u around a couple times just for fun. Couldn’t ask for a better night time smoke.

Overall: 8.5/10 if this bud was a little more consistent It would be getting a huge score rn. I loved the look, the structure and most importantly the high! Gave me a little better idea of what a great mixture the sweet terps can be with the old school earthy herbal terps. Also showed me how beautiful the gushers strain can be. If you want something crazy strong and don’t really like the crazy sweet candy strains I’d definitely recommend this to you. One warning tho is I wouldn’t smoke this during the day haha. Definitely a night time smoke with tons of medical benefits!



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