Strain Review: No. 33 by Backpack Boyz

33 by backpack boyz

Lineage/Genetics: Biscotti x lemon cherry gelato

Original Breeder/Grower: Backpack Boyz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

No. 33 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I’ve been waiting a longgg time for this one! Been trying to get this since the first time I heard of the backpack boyz but it was always super limited or super expensive. Between the unique cross and the amazing branding, who doesn’t want to smoke some scotti! I was a little worried due to all the hype behind it but once I heard those genetics I knew I had to smoke it. Luckily I recently found a somewhat fresh batch and I’ve been flying through packs of it since! Let me tell you about Scottie pippen!

Smell: 9.5/10 oh wow haven’t smelled anything like this before. I’ve had lots of biscottis but this was the closest I’ve ever smelled to actual biscotti. Straight up smelled like a really spicy nutty French bread haha. It was a super strong smell that was a little funky too. Almost like a funky cheese smell. I noticed some of the buds had a sweeter candy smell in them too. Varied bay to bag. I freaking loved this stuff tho and will be HUNTING for more terps like that.

Bag appeal: 9/10 I smoked through a couple different bags of this and it really varied per bag. As you can see the one bag had one giant purple nug while other bags were smaller flatter nugs with more green in it. Could see traits from its parents showing in different ways in each bud. The buds that leaned more biscotti were jaw dropping. Had that structure were it gets tight towards the top and foxtails in different directions. Very silky wet look to it from the near grayish looking trichomes. Lots of purple and blues with electric orange hairs. Extremely extremely sticky buds that actually leave it very hard to roll if u hand grind. I thought the cure was nearly perfect. Very impressed by these buds but would like to see a little more consistency. It’s cool to have a bag with one big bud but sucks when the next one has 15 little buds.

Smoke: 9.5/10 I loved this stuff so freaking much. Very sharp strong taste. Very nutty spicy taste with a mouthwatering candy backend. Can’t specify enough how strong this taste was. Will have your mouth watering while u smoke it and every time u think of it afterwards haha. Thick resin ring with pure white ash. HITS HARD. Very strong hazy high. Very strong head high that’ll have u scratching ur head wondering where ur eyebrows went haha. Very strong body high that’s great for pain along with a little mood boost. Loved smoking this stuff!

Overall: 9.4/10 I totally understand the hype behind this strain. Brought two of the best strains on the market together and made magic. Love to see backpack still does their thing with this strain after all these years instead of just selling watered down versions of the hype. Definitely suggest grabbing this if you get the chance. An overall great smoke and one of backpacks very best ever!!!



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