Strain Review: Limonada by Limonada Official

Limonada by @limonadaofficial

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder/Grower: Limonada Official

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Limonada Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Some how completely forgot about this bud, smoked it when it first dropped but just forgot to drop the review. Since it’s been so long I’m not gonna have a ton to say but figured I’d at least let y’all know what I thought of it. I’m also not entirely sure what the name of the company is so I just put their instagram tag. They’ve dropped a couple more phenos recently so let’s see how their first drop was.

Smell: 9/10 very strong lcg smell. Heavy lemon candy terps. Very very well done tho. Very strong smell that’ll have ur mouth watering. The smell definitely stands out for just being another lcg.

Bag appeal:9/10 medium sized bright green nugs absolutely covered in trichomes. Lots of blues and purples all through the bud especially towards the center of the bud. Very nice cure. Nice crisp snap to it but still had a nice sticky feel and broke apart amazingly. Compared to most other lcgs this is damn beautiful. Did a really good job in my opinion.

Smoke: 8.9/10 very very strong great tasting smoke. Strong body high that will have u feeling totally numb. Burnt super white with lots of resin drip. Really nice gassy lemon taste. Really enjoyed smoking this stuff.

Overall: 8.9/10 for being a company I had never heard of, the totally killed this batch of lcg. Definitely a company that I’ll check out again especially if I’m looking for lcg (they have like 4 different phenos). Honestly one of the better lcgs I’ve had in a while and definitely something I’d recommend.

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Check out more reviews by @onlypressure93 on Instagram! (

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