Strain Review: Pure Michigan by Bees Knees 207

Finally getting into the stuff I’m a little more excited to review! The east coast beast coast! Let’s fucking get it! Pure Michigan by @beesknees207

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Oreoz x Mendo Breath F2

Bred by: 3rd Coast Genetics

Cultivated by: Bees Knees 207

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Bees Knees 207 Pure Michigan Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Bag appeal: 9.3/10 uhhh wow… wow.. wow was this some eye catching stuff. From top to bottom just COVERED in trichomes. The bud literally looks white with beautiful bright orange hairs peeking out! Underneath the trichomes is a plethora of colors! Blues purples and very very little green haha. Medium sized buds with very nice dense structure and super nice cure. Buds were crazy sticky to the touch too. This stuff absolutely blew my mind. Looks like some space weed!

Smell: 8.5/10 peee yewww this stuff sticks. Straight b.o. and sweet garlic. Very loud stinky stuff. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I loved it. Had me so excited for the taste!

Smoke: 6.75/10 and that’s where my excitement ended haha when I first hit the joint I was thinking “oh that tastes just like it smells” but after a couple hits that disappears and you’re hitting straight rough smoke. Not enjoyable tasting at all. The ash turned straight black and could hardly hold any structure. Literally had to force myself to get through these joints. Now the good thing is, it was stupid strong, and had me feeling like I was walking on clouds, but I shouldn’t have to choke through a joint in order to get to the enjoyable part haha. It was a very body and mind numbing experience haha took any pain away.

Overall: 7.75/10 It’s such a shame this didn’t smoke better because there were so many awesome things about it! Beautiful hard hitting but but just can’t get past the roughness. Not something I’d suggest unless all you care about is a super strong medicine. In that case, this is the bud for you! These guys put together some awesome strains tho! Def suggest checking them out!

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Check out more reviews by @onlypressure93 on Instagram! (

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