Strain Review: The Future by North Country Pharms

I got to sample North Country Pharms’ newest strain: The Future. I guess you guys are ready for that yet and your kids will like it?

Lineage/Genetics: Oreoz pheno

Original Breeder: North Country Pharms

Grower: North Country Pharms

Terpene Profile: Beta Caryophyllene Dominant


The Future Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Aroma: Smells of earth, floral and a hint of fruit. It smelled deep? It wasn’t sharp? This one was hard to put a finger on for me.

Flavor: The smoke tastes peppery first and foremost topped by a light but dark tang. Almost like a pear or chocolate flavored sparkling water. I haven’t seen either on Wally World shelves but this is what I’ll imagine they would taste like.

Appearance: I can barely see the flower beneath the trichomes. It isn’t as sticky as you’d expect and I personally found that my jar of The Future tasted better after each burp on the next day. Another appearance note – What doesn’t look like that colorful of a bud is actually a future mural inside your grinder.

The well endowed by unassuming looking bud is a perfect analogy for the future. You never know what you’re gonna get. It doesn’t look like a box of chocolates but that’s life. In this particular timeline: The future is bright.

Experience: And the future feels nice. Physical or mental energy… whatever future you wants – future you gets. For me though, I only got to choose one at a time. I knew fucking time travel would come with caveats.

The effects are felt seemingly immediately. If you use this as a wake and bake, prepare for some time warp like effects.

I sat in one place tapping out this review on my phone with my thumbs because I was too involved to get up and grab my laptop from the (front) seat just a few feet away.

Try some of The Future. Future you will thank you.

PS: The puns just write themselves.

Featured image from North Country Pharms.


Caleb Chen

Certified Ganjier

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