Strain Review: The Nilla by North Country Pharms

šŸ˜³ Yee! Special shout out to @thehighestcritic for making this happen!

Cultivar: The Nilla

Lineage/Genetics: Banana Runtz x Dosickeys

Original Breeder: North Country Pharms

Grower: North Country Pharms

The Nilla Strain Review

the nilla by north country pharms strain review by trunorcal420 226.01% THC
0 % CBD
2 % Total Cannabinoids
Pkg date: 4/21/2021

Comments: Yee! This was a new flavor (to me) from North County Pharms and Iā€™m excited to give it a try!

1. Scent: Candy vanilla with a slight creamy synthetic vibe.

2. Appearance: Good looking nugs with standard orange red hairs, purple and sea green nugs. Caked with cream and white trichomes.

3. Nug Structure: Deploys off the stem well, nice cure. Not over dry and not super wet.

4. Smoke: Hit the magnifying glass and it was hellla smooth for sure. Nice vanilla candy sensation. Little more Kush like using a lighter tho.

5. Taste: As above, vanilla and a very fine Kush sensation off a lighter. Using the magnifying glass my mouth salivating increased instantly.

6. Reaction: First rips last night didnā€™t impact me, as I was already pretty fucked up. This afternoon it was instant on the eye flip from sober to heavy. Nice body relaxation plus a mild head high. Focused but loose. Enjoying this.

7. Conclusion: I was skeptical at first since the first bowl was not hittin. But now Iā€™m finding it very enjoyable, to be honest. Good overall high and a nice flavor to it. Def worth the whirl. Smacked another bowl later in the week and got a W on Warzone! Def a fan. Appreciate it!!


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Check out more reviews by @trunorcal420 on Instagram! (

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