Strain Review: The Nilla by North Country Pharms

Strain: The Nilla

Who: @northcountrypharms

Lineage/Genetics: Banana Runtz x Dosickeys

Original Breeder: North Country Pharms

Grower: North Country Pharms

Dispensary: Herbal Pain Relief Center

The Nilla Strain Review

the nilla by north country pharms strain review by thefirescale 4Aroma: Raw Pasta, Seawater, Holly, Steam Room

Structure: Mostly dry, tight and dense medium-sized nugs that are exceptionally frosty.

Palate: Caramel, Hops, Pine Cake.

Effect: Average Strength – Hazy with body relaxation and buzz.

Overall: I first heard about “The Nilla” from @northycountrypharms while perusing a menu at a local dispensary. I noticed the high price tag, but none of the budtenders had tried it yet and I hadn’t heard anything yet, so I passed. So when @inspector_ganja420 dropped this onto the table, I had to take it for a spin. With a cryptic lineage, I was curious to see how this one might deliver with it’s promise of Vanilla… a difficult flavor to attempt.

In ordinary fashion, as I crack the seal on the jar, God allows a new angel to grows its wings. I dig my nose in because I’m not getting much here. Something like raw dough, salty, water. I ponder for about 10 minutes with this jar just trying to pull something out, and all I can make out is faint hint of some herb or leaf of a berry I’ve smelled during Christmas. Only does cracking the buds near my nose does bring up memories of red velvet cake.

the nilla by north country pharms strain review by thefirescale 2Shining, frosty buds tumble out of the jar into my hand. They crumble like chunky dust into my fingers. The makeup is extremely dense, similar to Wedding Cake.

An abrasive throat hit sends me close to coughing, but ya boi holds on. The smoke is mildly sweet, I do understand why they called it The Nilla. Vanilla Bean is what my palate craves, but instead the end flavor resembles something closer to vanilla extract. An artificial caramel, like after a swallow of coca-cola, coats my mouth, but not for long. Gently it all swirls into a caryophyllene-like lingering pepper and hops finish.

I don’t know how to say this in a sweet way other than I simply did not care for this strain. There’s a chance that with a fresh batch I could see the potential of this flower. For now, this is a hard pass.

The Fire Scale: 5/10 flame-jukoons

Have any of you tried The Nilla or any other North Country Pharms strains?

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