Strain Review: OZ Kush by Wonderbrett

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Lineage/Genetics: Zkittlez x OG Kush

Original Breeder: Dying Breed Seeds

Pheno Hunter/Grower: Wonderbrett

Delivery Service: High Times Magazine

@hightimesmagazine with the delivery

Wonderbrett OZ Kush Review

oz kush by wonderbrett strain review by trunorcal420 2Brand: Wonderbrett
Cultivar: OZ Kush “Smalls”
23.65% THC
0.07% CBD
28.46 % Total Cannabinoids
Pkg date: 2/25/2021

Comments: Went after this bag specifically for the “smalls” factor as I know some brands put out less expensive bags holding small nuggets and I knew this was going to be exciting to take down. I’ve had tons of OG Kush flavors so I’ll be hoping for the same outta these small buds.


1. Scent: Smells fresh from being a few months old. Nice pine/lemon zest scents, breaking down is a “new rubber raft” aroma.

2. Appearance: Smalls. Lol. Purple, green, no leaf matter, just small tumble pebble nugs with trichomes.

oz kush by wonderbrett strain review by trunorcal4203. Nug Structure: They are easy to pull apart, but are holding together quite nicely. Moisture content is on point so far two bowls packed I’m a happy camper.

4. Smoke: Smooth! Strong pull off the bubble and it’s smooth. Little back of the throat warmth, it’s expected tbh. Later on, same bowl, it’s more rounded and relaxed.

5. Taste: Nice pine vibe, turns slightly citrus (lemon zest) for a small instant on the exhale. But I’m not finding the rubber raft taste as I smelled earlier.

6. Reaction: First smoke of the day and I’m finding the eyes going low, brain is perking up on the front right & the body relaxing. I smoked the first rip about 3 hours ago and just finished it.

7. Conclusion: I’m a fan. Does it need to be marketed as smalls, even though the high was better than some bags at a higher price point? IDK 🤷‍♀️ it’s a tough topic for the grower and the distro as we know smalls are “less desirable” but what does that mean and to whom? This was a slamming deal, has fantastic properties to the stone. We washed the pup, did laundry & cleaned his shit in the backyard on one bowl. Fuck yeah. This is a must grab.

8. Methods: didn’t use the magnifying glass yet, but it’s 🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎 across the board. Now on to the “smalls” talk; it was sub fourty five including tax and delivery from High Times. (Flash sale 20% as well) so one has to think, if I’m spending x should I expect AAA nugs? The answer depends on so many factors that I simply am not educated enough to begin listening. I would love to know what the feeling is from the IG community. Good experiences & bad with smalls. Because the best pick up in my book was a 1/4 of smalls of Morning Star from @the_green_cross in the 215 days. It was THE best smoke. So why wouldn’t I want smalls over larger buds?



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