Pre-roll Review: Gas Pedal by North Country Pharms

Got gifted North Country Pharms’ Gas Pedal pre-roll mix of the following cultivars:

Brand: North Country Pharms

Mix: Wedding Cake + Ice Cream Cake + Tractor Gas + Black Frost

Gas Pedal Pre-roll Review

I like these pre-rolls. They’re top tier especially in comparison to the first prerolls I ever got in California. Remember when you’d go to the club and the person checking your ID would be working a joint roller and a bag of trim without looking at it? For an idea of what’s inside a North Country Pharms pre-roll, let’s go to the source. This video by NCP on their instagram vivsects a live fire joint.

Mixing different varieties of flower together is an art form. Conflicting tastes do nothing but cancel each other out. Complementary tastes on the other hand act like a multiplier. There’s also something to be said about the wider range of terpenes and other non cannabinoid compounds that you get from combining multiple cultivars. The entourage effect is stronger, or more directed. To what exact end will entirely depend on your endocannabinoid system.

Despite the name, I got more of a brake pedal effect from hitting this joint. I ended up breaking it up to hit in the bubbler because there’s no way I could solo one of these pre-rolls even during my heavy dabbing days. The taste was very gassy and very sweet. I dare say that it tasted purple?

All that being said, I’d steer amateurs away from mixed pre-rolls like this, and also infused prerolls which are also often mixed. If you’re a pro though, you’ll appreciate the mix.



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