Pre-roll Review: Jarritoz by North Country Pharms

North Country Pharms runs mixes of their cultivars in their pre-rolls making unique flavors not found elsewhere.

Brand: North Country Pharms

Mix: Mac + Melonade + Orange Tree

Jarritoz Pre-roll Review

Smells like lemon.

Has the exhale that i like. the one I’ve been searchin for. Some people call it the Tangie taste – others, the old tangie taste. For sure of the pre-roll’s constituents, the one that comes through the most is the Orange Tree.

That shit hits like the beginning of a cough. The exhale is smooth and doesn’t tickle. The taste lingers for so long and doesn’t taste like smoke. Like thick cream that has gone stale and dull instead – which is way better than the taste of ash in my book.

Does not taste how it smells. In all the best ways.

Smoking this brings a smile to my face.

Veryy sedating but your mind still roams.

Time dilation like a mooooofoooooo.

I kept this tucked behind my ear for an entire day and brought it out to light at 4:20PM on 4/20/22 at Hippie Hill.

Def grab it if you get a chance and see if you like the OJ flavored jarritoz, too.

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One thought on “Pre-roll Review: Jarritoz by North Country Pharms

  • May 9, 2022 at 2:24 pm

    Great review! I wish we had prerolls in Ohio


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