Strain Review: Spritzer by Sheesh


Lineage/Genetics: Runtz X Grape Pie X Mac

Grower- Sheesh @therealsheeshh @sheesh_mr380

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Spritzer Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Nose- berries ,gas ,grapes ,lemons Kinda like a lemon cleaner smell
Buds-10/10 small but covered in Trichomes 🔥✅
Stickiness -10/10 ✅
Dry pull -lemons with hints of gas
Eyes-heavy effect
Couch lock-✅
Smoke -Smooth and clean heavy
High-relax ,happy ✅

-Spritzer is definitely a keeper in my books with the light green buds with hints of purple with Orange hairs you can taste the berries , grapes and lemons with the gas on the back end. I was a few pulls into the blunt when my eyes started to heavy hits you in the front of you head more so it gives you old school mixed with new school fruity candy but Og gas vibes head stash smoke 💨 sticky the Mac 1 stands out in this flower you can see the trichomes and the strong gas with the couch lock effect i enjoyed the fruity candy inhales coming from the Runtz and grape pie. Grab it if see it cause it probably won’t be there for long😂😂 I’m definitely need some more next run.



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