Strain Review: Rainbow Runtz from Guru Grachii

Rainbow runtz

Lineage/Genetics:  Rainbow candy + Gelato 41

Breeder-Growers choice

Grower: Unknown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Distributor: Guru Grachii

Guru Grachii Rainbow Runtz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

rainbow runtz from guru grachii cultivar review by humbles_review 2Weights 3.6gs 😎

Bag -10/10 i like the QR code on the bag

Bud structure-Dense buds had a nice amount of stickiness to them nice breakdowns

Ash – 8/10 nice
Freshness -9/10

Smell-Candy ⛽️🍭 with small hits of gas mostly candy terps

The bud has real nice Bag appeal to me smell is there the look is there

Sponsored- @grachiigang_

When i first opened the bag i got hit with a strong candy smell with nice some orange pistillate shining with the Vvs diamonds on it yall know i like my them diamonds lol wasn’t to shiny but they were there me personally i liked the presentation of the bag it helped that bud inside the bag was also Good🔥🔥 you get the same candy terps the whole time the taste never changes or leaves which was a big plus for me

i smoked this before i went to sleep the high Started to kick in when i had about little more than half of blunt left the high gives you a nice body high makes you relaxed heavy on the eyes you would almost think that it was a heavy indica hybrid and not a 50/50 the way it makes ya eyes feel definitely still woke up a little high this morning off the Rainbow runtz definitely was not disappointed in the flower or high

Would i buy this flower again – Yes definitely a nice runtz pheno 🍭🍭

Would i recommend this vendor -Yes



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