Strain Review: Peach Creme Gelato by Maven Genetics

Peach creme gelato By maven genetics

Lineage/Genetics: Peach Ringz x Gelato Gas

Breeder/Grower- Maven Genetics @mavengenetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Peach Creme Gelato Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Sticky ness-8/10
Smell-Peaches with hints of spice But when broken down you get Citrus with hints of Gas

This one took me by surprise only because the smell before you break down the buds you get a heavy peach n creme smell with hints of spice.once i broke down the buds i got a Citrus and hints of gas which i didn’t mind but it threw me off because i was hoping for more peaches or creme for the break down with that being said i enjoyed This flower the flavor of the citrus with hits of gas never left the blunt even when i got closer to the end it still smelled n tasted like the beginning the smoke was smooth the burn was clean.

The high from this flower for me was more of a active high for me woke me up a little bit this was a nice enjoyable high for me but The come down from this flower was real relaxing like my body felt good enough to take a nap.

Would i buy this flower again -Yes i would
Would you recommend – yes if you want a different type of gelato



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