Strain Review: Terdz by Clout King

Terdz by Clout King. Grown by Pleasantrees.

Lineage/Genetics: Jet Fuel x Gelato x Runtz

Original Breeder: Clout King

Grower: Pleasantrees

Terdz Strain Review

Color and shape: Soft and sticky buds. Breaks down easy. With dark green dark purple buds. Along with long dark orange hairs.

Smoke: Smooth. Tasty exhale. Slow burn.

Effects: Heavy euphoric effects. Strong terps. Pain relief. Appetite gain.

Flower 22.8%. Vape 80%

This is a hybrid strain that with a strong indica traits that include a euphoric onset that you would expect with a strain with these terps!💪 Flower testing at 22.8% and vape carts are tearing at 80% .👀👌Soft and sticky buds. Breaks down easy. With dark green and dark purple buds. Along with long dark orange hairs. It is a cross between the gassy jet fuel × Gelato × Runtz. This strain does not disappoint one bit. It hits smooth and burns slow.

💨💨 Good for social events. But be cautious too much will have you stoned and lost. I found myself definitely second guessing every move I made. But in a good way. 😄 I couldn’t get over the taste and the euphoric effect I got smoking this strain. The cultivator says it is more indica leaning hybrid. What I really liked was the relaxing head high. Over all its a great strain for pain relief and appetite. Best at night or with friends.👌

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Jose Ortiz

Hi my name is Jose. I am a daily medical user and I am a flower child. I love my buds! I primarily smoke joints to blunts but I have some experience from wax to tinctures. I love my kush strains. OG kush, gelato etc. I enjoy my sativa's as well. I primary use cannabis for my anxiety and digestion issues. So I like to enjoy to smoke before I eat and sleep. I've been smoking for 6 plus years now and I have a passion for cannabis.✌

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