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Strain Review: T.I.T.S. (This Is The Shit) by IC Collective

T.I.T.S (This Is The Shit)💥Review Sativa Dominant Hybrid Lineage/Genetics: Sour Diesel x OG Kush Breath Original Breeder: IC Collective Grower: IC Collective Dispensary: Haze Dispensary

T.I.T.S. Strain Review

⭐️Norcal Original🐻 . @iccollective @ic_cannabis @haze408 @haze420sj @diamondbackgenetics @sclabsoregon . 33.613% Sum Cannabinoids* 29.576% Total Cannabinoids 27.499% Total THC 0.068% Total CBD 1.599% Total Terpenoids Top 3 Terps: 0.415% Limonene (lemon, anti-indigestion, inflammatory & fungal) 0.355% ß Caryophyllene (pepper, gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory) 0.29% Myrcene (mango, anti-indigestion, inflammatory & fungal) . 🔥Super potent smoke with a strong Sativa-Dominant high. Dominanting effects are focus, productiveness, creativity and euphoria. I had an optimistic yet ambitously objective state of mind. Your body quickly calms down as aches and pains are lifted away and you become very light hearted, happy and silly. Do expect a munchies attack once the terps have run their course. . 💯A strong and potent aroma filled with lemon pine and diesel notes with a musky earthiness that slowly seeps through everything. The smoke is heavy ,perfectly mild spice and is really smooth on the inhale and exhale. The flower burns super slow with help from the sticky kiefy sugar trichomes completely blanketing the nugs. Pungent citrus, pine, and diesel flavors match the aroma with a nice subtle sweet and sour hint on the back end. . 💥Light Green and nugs with dark green outer leaves this flower displays plenty of colors ranging from olive asparagus and dark camo hues of green to light champagne and camel hues of yellow and brown. Vibrant and bold ochre colored thick tenacious stigmas reach from the stem to the outer layers of the nugs giving a fuzzy compliment to the big dense cone shaped kush structured flower. It fills the blunt very well , holds its shape and weight after breaking down and honestly one of the top experiences ive had in 2020 . latepostnov20
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