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Strain Review: Apricots by Sticky Fields

Apricots 🍑 Review Sungrown Hybrid . @stickyfields @stickyfields2021 @cannaculturesanjose . Lineage/Genetics: Purple Punch x Legend Orange Apricot Original Breeder: Compound Genetics Grower: Sticky Fields Dispensary: Canna Culture

Apricots Strain Review

20.66% THC 23.64 % Total Canabinoids . 🍑Medium and large sized denser nugs that are super sticky, trichome coated and have a more refined structure and cone shape. Breaks down well and its easy to seperate from the stems. . ⚡️A deep vivid darker green color is dominant in the flower but towards the stem you notice the flower get lighter in color showing tan tinted , light greenish-yellow leaves. The pistils have a unique dark apricot and brown mix in color matching its namesake as well as the flavors and aroma. . ♥️Upon opening the jar youll notice a pungent but muted unique aroma consisting of deep and slightly bitter tropical citrus, floral notes underneath subtle earth with nutty pine hints. The flavor just like the aromanis very reminiscent of Apricots. Immediately you taste the pungent but muted bitter tropical citrus flavor carried by a nice smooth earthy mix of nutty pine creating a nice warm sweet and tart flavor like some apricot tea. . 🔥The high was as unique as the flower itself. A slow long lasting high, a couple minutes in youll feel a euphoric uplifting buzz that kind of creates an impulse to do something fun and relaxing. Pain and tension is seemingly gone in no time as your mind is occupied enjoying life. Eventually the body high takes over and pull you into a tranquil state of mind still functionally social but with a mean case of the munchies. Really a good strain for anytime the come down isnt too hard and the initial high gives enough energy to keep you on you cloud until your next sesh.
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